According to Italian law, the diesel fuel tanks comply with the requirements for homologation contained in the Ministerial Decree ​​of the 19/03/90 and the Ministerial Decree of the 22/11/2017 and subsequent amendments by the Ministry of the Interior, in force since 06/12/2017, for capacities between 490 and 9000 liters.

Tanks or cisterns are usually used in various work situations, in construction or concrete mixing sites, in road haulage companies or waste collection companies, in agricultural engineering companies, in mining and material extraction companies, etc. Each tank must be equipped with the characteristics that comply with the indications established by current legislation, such as the containment tank which must necessarily have a capacity equal to 110% of the volume of the tank itself, and the tank must be protected by an adequate roof and service ladder, and a dispensing unit for tanks.

The positioning of the tanks must always be outside buildings or industrial warehouses and must observe the following distances: 5 meters from buildings generally involved; 10 meters from buildings for residential use or commercial establishments with the presence of the public; 15 meters from the railway lines.


The tanks for diesel fuel are made of carbon steel of the highest quality type EN10025-2 sp. 30/10 with the horizontal axis and cylindrical shape resting on support feet. The manhole must be at least 400 mm long and equipped with gasket and bolts, with a 3-inch load attachment and the possibility of padlocking; the load limiting valve must be calibrated to 90% of the load itself and the breather equipped with a 1 “1/2 flame arrestor mesh, and also equipped with a float level indicator and earth connection with connections to the spreading agents.

The tank must also be equipped with a drain plug, to be emptied for periodic cleaning, and the diesel suction pipe must be positioned with an appropriate free margin to allow the liquid to settle correctly and to suck up clean diesel and must be equipped with a check valve and filter.

Each tank is treated with a double coat of epoxy primer and subsequent enamel or high-thickness polyurethane paint.

The market also offers tanks without dispensers usually used to power generating sets or heating.

Brewing group

The dispensing group mounted on the tanks is enclosed in a sturdy metal structure, treated with anti-corrosion paint that protects the group from shocks or possible tampering as well as from atmospheric agents, equipped with a padlock able support for dispensing gun.

The dispensing unit is also equipped with an automatic dispensing gun connected to the 1-inch oil-proof rubber tube, self-priming, single-phase, or vane type electric pump with a nominal flow rate that varies equally to 55 l / minute complete with resettable counter and non-resettable progressive counter.

The brewing unit also includes an integrated electrical panel, with a membrane control keypad, emergency button and pump stop, voltage indicator with green light, and end of diesel fuel control with red light indicator and automatic system lock connected to a minimum level sound.

Reservoir basin

As recalled in the description, the diesel tank must be equipped with a containment basin of 110% of the tank volume. This basin, according to the 22/11/2017 standard, must be made of a carbon steel sheet completely similar to that of the tank, i.e. in carbon steel sheet of first choice type S235JR. The basin is organized on a self-supporting frame which is bolted to the base of the tank. It must have a ground connection and similarly, it must be painted as the tank.

Each type of tank must be accompanied by a user and maintenance manual in addition to the certification of conformity as required by law.

One of the leading brands in the sector is the DEMO TANKS. It is known nationally for the production of tanks, for the storage and transport of diesel fuel, as well as for the construction and marketing of tanks of any kind suitable for the most varied sectors: oil; industrial plant engineering; fire fighting; pharmaceutical.

One of the most popular models among the operators in the aforementioned sectors is

The TANK FUEL LIGHT 1X SELF 55 QE with Ministry of the Interior homologation n ° 3704/1366/80/37/44. They are available in 1,200 liters, 2,000 liters, and 3,000 liters versions.