We have always guaranteed quality products, in fact we carry out checks during all phases of product manufacture. We have various certified equipment for checks such as the porosity detector (porosimeter), Scintillograph and Holiday Detector.

In reality, we are talking about the same product, a tool used to verify the integrity of a protective coating. It is a very simple device capable of detecting the presence of porosity, cracks or poor coverage of coatings on ferromagnetic metal supports according to the reference standards AS3894.1 and NACE standards. This particular non-destructive testing (NDT), specifically required also by the UNI EN 12285 standard, is very important and is performed to meet the requirements of quality, resistance and duration of the coating against corrosion and wear as well as to guarantee safety in cases where there is a danger of explosiveness such as in the field of coatings in the petrochemical sector and in gas pipeline networks.

The importance of using the “Porosimeter” Scintillograph

  • Check for porosity, fissures and cracks in the coating
  • Check the lack of coverage of the coating for qualitative and protective aspects
  • Check the degree of insulation of the cladding, especially in cases of explosion or flammability danger.

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